F. Michael Bannon arrived in The White Mountains of New Hampshire in 1965.  Michael spent his early childhood in a rural section of southern Connecticut.  Throughout those early years, his family lived in the country, which both created and nurtured his ever evolving interest and love affair with the natural world.  A world shaped by light, color, contrast, wind,... via a world in which favorite rocks or trees became totally transformed into a very different "friends" by both changing seasons and even different times throughout the day.  It also became apparent that these changes often lasted for only moments, and that these moments could be captured and eternalized with a camera.  It was this awareness that would lead to his present interest and enjoyment in landscape photography; an interest that he also hopes will trigger similar special memories of moments that you have experienced in your journeys.

Mike presently still resides in Bartlett, three seasons, and now, winters in No. Idaho where he continues to chase the light, color, contrast and especially fresh, deep powder snow...



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